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It is a pleasure for the members of our team to pray for every request whether it is public or private!



Name Date Category Title Request
J J 2020-04-08 00:15:00 Worried Worried I need prayer. My roommate seems to be hinting that I will need to move out. He is on the lease and I am not. I have nowhere to go. My finances aren’t where I hoped they’d be and moving is expensive. I have been kind to my roommate. I have helped him find a job and lent him money. I don’t bother him . He raised my rent less than a year into me living here and I agreed out of necessity. I have only lived in this apartment for a year and already I am being put in a stressful situation. Please pray that God touch his heart and that he doesn’t force me to move. He seems like a vengeful person. I just want to have peace and a place to sleep and relax after work. I also ask for prayer for my loved ones. Thank you.
M Vd berg Healing Divine intervention Hi This is a very urgent and important prayer request. My husband and I have recently seprated. Please pray with me that God would bring us back together. I do not want to be seperated nor do I want a divorce. I love my husband deeply. I am willing to do anything to save our marriage, may prayer is that God would create a willing heart in my husband. I stand on God's promise ask and you shall receive because being seprated or getting a divorce is not in God's will! Also, I ask God to give me faith and forgive my unbelief. Thank you so much Marin
Seth McAdams Other Prayer Team, Discipleship, Fellowship Please pray that God will reveal to the body of Christ exactly how to pray for me. Pray that the Lord will bring me together with a group of powerful prayer warriors, where we can fast and pray for each other, and pray for other issues around us. I’ve moved across the US to Hampton Virginia, and started a new ministry job. It seems I’ve been spiritually attacked this first month in every area where I’m vulnerable, including finances, health, and in the job itself. I believe I could handle this better if I had a strong group of prayer-warrior friends, so we could intercede for each other, and seek the face of Jesus Christ together. Pray for strong discipleship relationships, where I’m discipling or being discipled. My single-person apartment is isolating to me. Pray that I will be able to live in the kind of Christian community—the family of Christ that I was designed for. Thank you.




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