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Ministry Summaries
Livermore Seventh-day Adventist Church

* denotes required member of Church Board

Audio/Video Team
- Provides for use and monitoring of audio and video equipment when needed for regular and special services conducted on church grounds and during off-site church events
- Coordinates the recording of sermons and programs

Bulletin Secretary
- Receives from Program director and ministry leaders, announcements, worship order and names of Sabbath service participants for inclusion in the church bulletin
- Publishes and prints a weekly bulletin
- Places printed bulletins in the lobby of the church prior to Sabbath School each week

Church Board Members
- Attends monthly meetings of the church board, representing the needs and interests of his/her specific ministry as it plays a part in the overall ministry of the church
- Participates in shaping the direction and policies of church life and ministry
- Participates in determining the use of church monies in accordance with good judgment and an active faith in God

*Church Clerk - Board Records
- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Takes minutes at Church Board and Church Business Meetings, keeping current and accurate records of these meetings

*Church Clerk - Membership Records
- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Keeps current and accurate records of church membership and changes in membership, including transfers of membership from and to other Adventist churches, baptisms and deaths
- Provides copies of these records to the conference quarterly or as requested
- Solicits, upon request, letters of transfer from other Adventist churches for members moving to this area
- Reports requests for transfers and changes in membership to Church Board

Church Historian
- Pays special attention to the history of the church and the members
- Keeps record of pictures and articles pertaining to the church or members
- Brings to the attention of the Church Board or other Church Officers information of special interest

- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Oversees and coordinates the work of the Deacon team
- Schedules who will be on duty each week
- Leads out in Deacon meetings, held as needed
- Notices the needs of members and visitors, assisting these individuals and/or bringing these needs to the attention of those who may offer assistance
- Involves the Deacons in keeping the church facility in good repair
- Works with the Church Custodian to involve the deacons in participating in major yard, tree, landscape and other needed repairs
- Joins with the pastor and elders in visiting church members as needed

Deacon Team Members
- Opens the doors of the church, prior to the church service starting weekly and then closes up the facility when activities have completed
- Monitors and appropriately adjusts the lighting in the church
- Works with the Church Custodian to participate in major yard, tree, landscape and other needed repairs
- Sets up and takes down chairs and tables for fellowship meals
- Greets and ushers people as needed
- Collects offering when scheduled
- Monitors and appropriately adjusts the temperature in church and fellowship hall
- Guards the security and safety of all persons
- Joins with the pastor and elders in visiting church members as needed
- Assists with the Baptismal Service including preparing, filling and emptying the baptistery, assisting the male candidates and doing all physical labor related to the service
- Assists with the Communion Service including placing the communion table, towels, basins and water and dispensing water and basins during foot-washing, giving special attention to visitors and new members
- Participates in caring for the congregation as special needs arise

- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Coordinates activities that provide care for the congregation
- Coordinates monthly fellowship meals, including scheduling deacons and deaconesses on duty and providing for supplies
- Coordinates the preparation of food and nurturing for families who have lost a loved one in death
- Coordinates the participation of church members in the annual Northern California Conference Christian Women's Retreat
- Joins with the pastor and elders in visiting church members as needed
- Leads out in Deaconess meetings, held as needed

Deaconess Team Members
- Participates in caring for the congregation as special needs arise
- Assists in visitation of sick, providing food and assistance as needed
- Responsible for facilitating the monthly fellowship meals and replenishing the supplies
- Joins with the pastor, elders and deacons in visiting church members as needed
- Assists in the Baptismal Service, including the preparation of robes for the participants, assisting the female candidates and laundering and storing the robes, towels, etc. after the ceremony
- Assists with the Communion Service including providing the bread and grape juice, arranging the emblems and covering the table, and giving special attention to visitors and new members

Lead Elder
- Provides leadership for the Elder Team and Officers of the church
- Works closely with the pastor in spiritual and administrative facets of church life and ministry

Elder Team
- Assists in the training of individuals for membership and service
- Assists in the assimilation of new members and encourages them in developing their gifts for ministry
- Maintains an active and consistent experience with Christ, enabling him to offer spiritual leadership and nurture to the church and its community
- Oversees, with the pastor and other elders, the work and ministry of the church and its members
- Represents and promotes the virtues of the Christian life
- Participates with the pastor in the leading and spiritual direction of the church
- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Supports and encourages the pastor and his family
- Leads with a love-centered leadership style, caring for and nurturing all members
- Participates in the services and events of the church
- Participates in the visitation of church members as needed

Flower Ministry
- Assists in providing flowers from the church when there is a death, hospitalization or birth
- Provides pulpit flowers for the church service
- If pulpit flowers are sponsored, contacts the Bulletin Secretary to ask that an appropriate acknowledgement be included in the bulletin
- Contacts the pastor to inform him of hospitalizations, deaths or births

- Coordinates the team members and schedules who will be on duty each week
- Trains team members in greeter ministry

Greeters Team Members
- Arrives by 9:15am each Sabbath scheduled
- Extends the warmth and kindness of Christ to members and guests as they enter the church, creating an initial connection intended to draw souls to Jesus
- Makes sure the lobby area is clean and pamphlets are in order
- Provides visitors with necessary information which will facilitate their Sabbath School and Worship experience
- Distributes bulletins and other materials as needed

Health Ministries
- Provides leadership for the outreach health programs of the church, such as CHIP
- Selects and coordinates the individuals who make up the staff for community health programs
- Oversees the preparation and approval of budgets, advertising and other necessary arrangements in the successful execution of health ministries

Music Team
- Provides leadership for the music team
- Coordinates the selection of worship service music with pastor or speaker
- Coordinates the ministry of individual musicians, assisting them in their presentation to the church

Music Team Members
- Participates in playing or leading the music
- Participates in choosing and practicing music appropriate to each worship service

Managing Editor
- Oversees the production of the church newsletter
- Selects the team of people to participate with the production of the monthly Church Newsletter
- Keeps the Church Board informed as to the monies which are needed and those being spent on the newsletter
- Insures that the newsletter properly represents the Adventist church

Nominating Committee (Standing)
- Calls and leads out in Nominating Committee meetings when Church Officer positions need to be filled mid-term
Nominating Committee Members
- Prayerfully and thoughtfully considers candidates to fill Church Offices as they become vacant mid-term, contacts them to seek their service, and provides them with any direction they may need for their ministry

- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Responsible for organizing the Pathfinder Club program
- Prepares a budget and plans a calendar of activities, bringing these before the Church Board for approval
- Recruits and supervises the Pathfinder staff
- Teaches Pathfinders life skills, spiritual values and fosters the desire to serve
- Is attentive to the questions and concerns of parents and children
- Promotes the Pathfinder Club throughout the church and makes the congregation aware of the planned activities

- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Oversees the entire Worship Service program, offering assistance and direction to the Pastor and other participants
- Contacts individuals to participate each week in the Worship Service
- Provides the Bulletin Secretary with necessary information for the bulletin
- Plans programs and worship components for holidays, communion, baptisms, and other special occasions-
 Works with Music Team as they plan and execute their ministry

Sabbath School
- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Supervises the overall Sabbath School program and departmental ministries
- Assists Sabbath School leaders in obtaining training, support and the resources that they need for their ministry
- Chairs the Sabbath School Council and calls team meetings as needed
- Fosters a team spirit and promotes a learning environment
- Recruits volunteers for Sabbath School work

Sabbath School Secretary
- Fills out the Sabbath School Profile requested by the conference
- Requests and distributes Sabbath School supplies
- Collects the offerings taken in Sabbath School

Adult Sabbath School Teachers
- Prepares lessons for their class that are spiritual, Biblical and inspirational
- Creates a warm and inviting environment for sharing, learning and the operation of the Holy Spirit
- Makes prayer an essential part of the lesson study
- Starts and ends on time
- Provides a substitute if not able to fulfill the teaching duties, and notifies the Sabbath School Superintendent of the change

Children's Sabbath School Teachers
- Strives to understand the age and level of physical and intellectual development of the children in the class and adapts methods of teaching to their needs
- Cares for the members of the class and is attentive to their needs
- Helps the children learn through creative teaching and Bible study
- Sets an example of regular attendance and punctuality at Sabbath School
- Supports the work and goals of the Sabbath School leaders and upholds the Bible and its teachings before the children while encouraging them to find answers for themselves
- Makes Sabbath School interesting and special for the children

School Board
- Oversees the work of the School Board, providing its members with leadership, calling and presiding over regular meetings and providing the board with the necessary information to give direction to the operation of the school
- Directs the School Board in planning for and operating the school at its highest efficiency

- Keeps the minutes and other records of the School Board
- Collects and deposits all school monies
- Disburses funds as directed by the Board
- Renders monthly Financial Statements to the School Board
- Sends monthly statements to parents of students

Public Relations
- Promotes the interests and growth of the school, seeking creative ways of attracting new students to the school

- Attends and participates in monthly School Board meetings
- Participates in shaping the direction and policies of the school and its program of educating our children for this life and eternity
- Participates in determining the best use of school monies in accordance with good judgment and an active faith in God
- Participates in supporting the policies and principles established by the Northern California Conference Department of Education

Social Team
- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Coordinates the work of the Social Team, calling meetings as needed to plan social events for the church family
- Provides the church with an activities calendar
- Provides the Bulletin Secretary with announcements of social events to be placed in the bulletin
- Creates or oversees the creation of inserts/flyers for the church bulletin advertising upcoming events

Social Team Members
- Helps to determine when church activities should take place
- Participates in determining logistics of church functions
- Helps to advertise church activities as requested
- Takes responsibility for leading certain activities as requested
- Creatively determines new activities that will encourage church growth and fellowship

Treasury Team
- Attends and participates in monthly Church Board meetings
- Promptly posts all receipts to the church ledger/computer
- Forwards a copy of the church ledger to the conference each month, accompanied by a check covering the amount of tithe given and the offerings received that were designated for the conference, union or General Conference projects
- Distributes to each church member annually (or upon request) receipts for tithes and offerings given
- Receives from the Church Board authorization to disperse funds that exceed the normal budgeted commitments of the church
- Prepares and distributes a monthly financial statement with necessary explanation to the Church Board at its monthly meetings
- Pays all church bills in a timely fashion and makes reimbursements to church members for authorized expenditures in return for valid receipts
- Receives all tithes and offerings contributed on Sabbath or during the week from Counters
- Deposits all church monies in the bank in a timely fashion and submits Treasury Report Form, Bank Deposit Slips and Tithe envelope "tear-offs" to the Treasurer
- Work in pairs to count Lamb's Offerings, Worship Loose Offerings and Sabbath School Missions Offerings each week, completing the Treasury Report Form and submitting the form and all monies to the Depositor

Website Administrator
- Keeps the church website up-to-date with relevant information
- Obtains from the Bulletin Secretary and Social Team information to be published on the website weekly
- Responds to e-mail messages that come through the church website or passes them on to the appropriate person
- Keeps the account with site host valid and functional

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10/16/2003 - Updated and approved by the Church Board