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Working documents for Leadership Training - Feb 2
ch_mem_dut.doc   "Church Members Duties"

LSDA_02_2013_update_Personnel.doc   "Livermore SDA Church - Personnel Team Update"

LSDA_MinistrySummary_2013.doc  "Ministry Summaries for Livermore SDA Church"

LSDA_ssadltteach.doc  "SS Adult Teachers"

LSDA_sslowdivteach.doc  "SS Lower Division Teachers"

LSDA_sssec.doc   "SS Secretary"

LSDA_sssuper.doc  "SS Supertendent"

LSDA_ssupdivteach.doc  "SS Upper Division Sabbath School Teachers"

LSDA_ssythteach.doc  "SS Youth Teachers"

spiritual_gifts_desc.doc   "Spiritual Gifts Descriptions"

These are "slightly" modified documents from 2002 - which need to be modified and brought up to date.  Review and bring your suggestions to our meeting on Feb. 2, 2013.   (following Fellowship Lunch).